Burgamont and Berries


We have been observing our land patiently trying to learn about what will grow and what already grows there.  Blackberries(Rubus) and wild bergamont or bee balm( Monarda fistulosa) are two of the most prolific plants we have.  They are everywhere. Now the fun part, how to manage the land so we can harvest these and other already existing plants while introducing new ones.  I have already begun laying out wildflower areas for plants like Bergamont that we can burn back every once in a while to manage and I am trying to cut back large trees and shrubs from areas we deem fit for blackberry fields with the hopes that the blackberry will naturally take over.

field of Burgamont

Bergamont is considered a medicinal plant and has been used for many years to treat common colds.  Its is a member of the mint family and can be turned into a tea.  The Native Americans have used the plant for generations and find its antiseptic qualities very useful when treating problems like minor infections.


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