Mountain Mint and Heal-All


Noticed a few more interesting plants already growing on our land, white leaf mountain mint(Pycnanthemum albescens) and some heal-all(Prunella vulgaris).

Heal-all plant

Heal-all, also known as self-heal, is edible, the young leaves can be eaten raw or cooked down and eaten.  It is also used medicinally and the whole plant can be poulticed onto wounds to promote healing.  It can also be made into a tea for diarrhea and internal bleeding or turned into a mouthwash for gum infections.


White leaf mountain mint is a perennial that grows 1-4 feet tall.  This mint is distinctive because of the white color on the leaves which early on in the plants growth look painted on.  And some consider it a diaphoretic, helpful in the treatment of colds.

– Jon

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