Water Tower


Almost finished the water tower for the farm.  Its been a tricky job.  First I had a roof overhang that was about 12 inches past where I need to install gutters.  So the metal roof was cut back and I am now in search of a good set of gutters.  I built the stand for the 550 gallon tank before I had the gutters and made it too tall, so that had to be disassembled, cut down and rebuilt to a lower collecting height.  The weight of a gallon of water is around 8 pounds, so the stand will have to bear around 4,400 pounds.  The water tank will be a passive system which is why I tried to raise it as high as possible.  No need to pay for power to a pump, we will have blueberries downhill.

The water tower will be one of the many ways we collect water on the farm.  One of the other ways is a swale, or trench along the contour of a hill, which will catch runoff water and hold it in the soil for nearby plants instead of letting it rush down the hill. We also use mulch around plants to hold water near the soil.  And we use water pumped up from a creek to help with water needs as well.

– Jon



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