and my 1st day was…

Great! A lot of work, lifting, moving, hiking and loving being outdoors. We started off going through all the stones we have and choosing which ones would be the best fit for the gutter waterfall and which stones would be good for the paths Jon is creating in our ‘Paw Paw loop’ (my nickname for it 🙂 path down to the waterfall. Once we had a good look at everything, we started the lifting and moving. Whew! HEAVY!! We didn’t get to create the gutter waterfall like we had invisioned. We started, stopped, rebuit, took it down and then did the entire process all over again. By the time we were tired and needed lunch, we realized we needed to go back to the drawing board and research a little more. So, we left the unfinished stone waterfall where it is, to be created another day, and moved on the the ‘Paw Paw Loop’.

(Pictures of what we tried to do)

Area we are working on. (Future spot for the living pond)
The stones we are working with.
Our trial and error gutter waterfall.

We gathered the stones for the ‘Paw Paw Loop’ and headed to the path. I was so amazed at all the work Jon has done. The path isn’t finished but it looks so good. Below are the pictures I took when we walked down the path to work on making the path wider and more stable to walk on. It leads to a large Paw Paw patch Jon discovered and we actually had some fruit on it this year but, the animals beat us to it before we could try it. Next year! Enjoy my shots of our stroll. I am excited to get back to it and do more! Until next time, Mandy!

(Paw Paw Loop)

Beginning of the loop.
Area of the path we are working on for stability and width.
More stone path on the loop. This is the start of the Paw Paw patch.
Look at this Paw Paw patch!!
A Paw Paw fruit
The path takes you down to this waterfall and then continues across it to the other side, looping back around to the beginning.
Me, enjoying the waterfall!


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