Coming soon! going underground…



“Coming soon” these two simple words hold so much weight for our family, business and future. Coming soon, is now the beginning of a journey. A journey of goodbyes, new terrain, hopes, challenges and dreams. Today, our family will be coming soon! Coming soon to a new life in Santa Fe, TN, leaving the city behind and finally pulling off the band aide of comfort and familiarity.

As I watched our real-estate agent place the “coming soon” for sale sign in our yard, my past and future came together. Today we have officially decided to go all in to our dreams and future, by committing to a lifestyle we started 13 years ago when we planted our first cucumber plant in the ground. I say planted but it was more like throwing the leftovers in the backyard of our rental house. And then, surprise, we had cucumbers the rest of the summer. It was great and the taste of the freshness was something I will never forget.

Now, here we are, 2 kids later and a wonderful farm we will now call home. This blog will be our journey of moving from the city to our farm, underground, living in our huts for 4 – 6 months, while our future home is being built. GullyHuts

Yep, we have decided to leave “it all” to live “it all” and although this might postpone some business schedules on the calendar, we will be living in what we love, nature. And we will share it all here. Coming soon, our next big adventure…

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