Minimalist approach to living

As I sit in my living room, taking pride in getting the heater started.


I hear my eldest son wondering why it is taking so long to cook dinner, as my husband cooks at our “oven” grill.image


Deuce is hiding on the top of the hut. We left and came back, worried the dog got him, until we realized he was passed out on the roof.

I realized how less we have here and how nice it is. Although it was a 350 yard walk to do the dishes, the few plates and cups we have here, are now all clean. No dishwasher to run 3 times in one day. Ahhhhhh!


Being reflective on our stay here so far brings a smile to my face. We started our day hiking, introducing Deuce to our farm.


We found so many great signs of life, which is spring.














imageBut we were actually hunting for morels.  Although they do not seem to be here yet, we did find other fungi.


Plus, Deuce was able to drink from the waterfall and met the dog Nextdoor. It was tense at times. (note the dog and deuce having a staring contest)




Dog is in background.

I know it seems all great fun but hiking with a 2 year old does have its limits.


I know everyday out here will not be all hikes and exploring but, today was nice. We did manage to work on The culvert.


The chicken coop, pond, garden… Will be there next time. For now I will keep telling my son, “soon baby, the food will be ready soon.”

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