Morning coffee

Round 2 was to begin tonight. However, each morning, when I am awaken by two little jedi knights at 5:30 a.m., wp-1460159363041.jpgI enjoy coffee! Now this weekend calls for temperatures in the 20’s in the morning. Welwp-1460159352906.jpgl, I can handle the outdoors, the bugs, the heat, the dirt. But, I am not a fan of cold. Which will be interesting as this life style develops. But, today, I have a choice. I choose my house that is up for sale. Although there are several showings tomorrow and nobody can really do anything in the house, as to keep it clean, I can still have my coffee in the morning without walking from one hut to the other, freezing and unawake. So, I will try morning adventures another day.

And did I mention, the bathhouse is 350 yards away from the huts? wp-1460159379210.jpgwp-1460159371767.jpgYes, I pack a bag,  and walk to bathroom, shower, laundry and sink.
I will say though, every morning when I do wake up and have had my coffee, I walk to the bathhouse and see the beauty that surrounds me. There is always a golden glow and from time to time you can see the two deer who were abandoned last year and have still remained on our orchard area, to live. This makes it all worth it, not to mention the exercise. It is refreshing. And the joy of watching my kids explore and experience nature.wp-1460159410930.jpgSo, tonight I stay city and tomorrow I will venture out for a short round 2. Soon this will be everyday and, since summer is coming, I am looking forward to it. And, I think Deuce is too. wp-1460159445495.jpg

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