Perspectives from the city home

OOPs, forgot to post this from last Sunday :)12923155_10208233378305156_4806601629234005358_n


Today was a GREAT day in the sun. We had some good friends come out and hang with us at the farm. Thoughts on hosting, via hut versus via house in the suburbs: Huts: what you have is what you get vs. city: trip to store, elaborate spred, cook, bam, done, all happy. Today, we ate hotdogs and sides and fruit, it was PERFECT. Everyone contributed to cooking, eating and playing while eating. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of manners but, everyone was enjoying themselves. (I will not let manners slide, we did do prayer and dinner at the table the night before, it just wasn’t as formal).

Seeing our friend’s kids see the farm for the first time was like the same experience with our kid’s first time. Dirt wasn’t part of a project, it was a dump site for trucks:

The waterfall wasn’t just a splash pad, it was a water source:


And skipping rocks wasn’t “just” something you do with dad, it is a game with friends:


This perspective made me realize how familiar things get. How, no matter where you are or what you are doing, routine is routine. Don’t get me wrong, our boys love it out here but, like with anything, it is never the first time again. With this thought, I hope we can continue the fascination with the outdoors. I know we will, to some extent but, work becomes work no matter what you are focused on. I hope my boys realize what they have in front of them every day before they wish for what is out there.  Seeing the joy in my friend’s son as he drank from the waterfall was so fulfilling, heartwarming, hopeful and momentous. I remember that with my oldest son. And, thankfully, he still loves the waterfall. But, not like the first time. I hope tomorrow, everyone sees things for the first time, and has the joy I saw today. May your cup overflow!

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