hills and valleys…

As everyone watches, I hesitate to write this post. I want to be all happy and positive about our experiences out here. But, I know that is not the reality of life and if I want there to be a true depiction of this transition then, honesty is best. So, I will write about our Round 2 adventure from this weekend.


First, let me say how stunning the land is out here right now. After an unsuccessful morels search, I had to stop and take a picture of the many dogwoods that you see blooming under the leafless trees. It is beautiful. A “hill” to start the weekend off.

Not sure if the morning coffee post set me up for this weekend but I just was not feeling it. We seem to have a lot going on in our life and feeling overwhelmed is an understatement. And I think our boys feel it too. It was hard, especially when it rained in the morning, not to mention the cold as well. Walking to the green hut early this morning definitely earned me a cup of coffee. wp-1460311118361.jpg

Oh, I almost forgot, you can see our cabin can in this picture. Since the bathroom is a little hike, this cabin can gives us an option to use the bathroom down here in the gully. You take a bucket and fill it with mulch, place it in the can, lower the toilet seat and lid. There, the perfect makings of a cabin can, and also compost.

After that coffee, I still didn’t feel very spirited. It began to rain and having these little boys in a small building and neither of us wanting to venture out, led to a lot of family time. I think we all got a little stir crazy. Even Deuce needed a hiding spot. wp-1460311372624.jpg

We did take a hike around later. The boys found some treasures. Ethan is demonstrating the turtle shell he found.

I guess with the rain, it was hard to really get anything accomplished on the farm. Our list seems to be getting longer and the sense of limbo is in the air as we are between homes and the moving process. But, at the same time the creativity and exploration that comes out of us all out here is something we all cherish. There will be moments of deep breathing, prayers for patience and times of needed space. I saw it this weekend. But, at night, as we sit by the fire and look back, it all comes to peace. Tomorrow is a new day. Goodnight. wp-1460311139516.jpg

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