Walking on my own grounds

What a great weekend. Minus the welcoming ticks, we have made our mark.


The groove continues for us out here. We have had successful days and fun nights. The boys seem to be in the zone as well. I was able to till up a part of our rotation run so we can have vegetables out here this summer. While I was working, our youngest came over and handed me his toy, grabbed the rake I was holding and said, “I help you mamma.”



It was so fun and I was impressed how well he did.

We had some friends over and being able to socialize, hang out at night and have them sleep over made the groove complete.


The kids played, adults cooked and it was beautiful. I will say the ticks, however, were not a welcomed guest to the party. This will be an ongoing battle until it gets cold again.

Speaking of weather, it is hot!


We have 2 umbrellas that help but this will have to be upgraded as the days get warmer. For now we are planning to schedule our days around the heat. Early morning and late afternoon will be work times and everything in the middle will be indoors, napping or other 😉

For now the umbrellas and our creek hikes will do just fine.



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