Crickets and such…

Been quiet on here but I can promise you silence has not been out in the real world. There have been some eye opening events in the realities of living “underground”. At the moment we are in the process of selling our “city” house, packing, storing, ending another school year, moving to the huts and building a home. Needless to say, it is a lot. But, there have been some good news amongst all the drama.

We recently have realized the importance, and difficulties, of water. Our farm has been just that, a farm. So, to live out here we need the essentials. Number 1 being water. In order to have this, we dug a well. Not knowing if it was safe to drink or not, we got it tested and the results were great! It appears it is all safe, just have to make sure it isn’t cloudy, if it is cloudy a rock could have fallen and contaminated the water until it is clear. Something you don’t think about when in a city environment. Now just to find water where we are building our house. The saga continues..

Other issues have been the inevitable southern summer heat. We have umbrellas and working on a shade but thankfully, by using a thermometer, we can confirm the underground huts are a steady 65 – 70 degrees inside.

Now to keep our little men from leaving the door open, that is an age old challenge.

So, we are standing on top of our future, looking forward and preparing ourselves for the official “underground” move. At least I have a relaxing place to sit and watch my garden grow.

Until next time…

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