Literally ‘going’ underground


Here it is, the days are among us. We are doing it, moving to the huts. And with my anxieties and all the stuff we have managed to fill our city home with, the huts are not the only thing underground.

As I look at our empty rooms and full storage shed, the reality of it all is hitting me. I can’t bury it anymore. We will be saying our goodbyes to great neighbors and friends whom have been our family. Goodbye to where we became parents and a family. I have been putting my head in the sand and moving forward with what needed to be done instead of looking around to see what will be missed. It has been this haze for the past 2 months, much like I felt when bringing our babies home, survival mode.

And with all this being said and the anxieties that still rumble in my head, each time we come to the farm, I am at peace. I know that we can do this and that it is for just a short while. I also know my anxieties lie only with the 2 little boys I love so dearly. But children are resilient and how fun is it that we get to have this summer full of unknowns and adventures. Although it is hard to say goodbye to the life we know, the future seems golden and when we come out on the other side, we will all be better for it.

Just a few more days and we will not be ‘going’ underground, we will be underground. Let the fun begin.

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