We ARE underground

It is official now. We are almost 12 hours in to living underground. To be honest, it has been a stressful couple of weeks and I am not sure if we have relaxed yet. But no need, there are more pressing things here now:
1. It is hot!
2. We have a lot of stuff.
3. Chickens have a new roommate


4. Did I mention the boys woke up with fevers. Ha!
5. We have one more days worth of moving from the city house.

I know the moving part is normal and we expected the heat. But, after so much stuff the past few weeks, it was really getting to us all last night. So, I decided to just walk away for a moment and check on my garden. It hasn’t rained much out here and everything seemed a little thirsty so I was expecting the worse. But, as I walked up to the garden, I saw sprouts everywhere. My watermelon, nasturtiums, tomatoes, beans, peppers and all the rest have made it. I thought I had for sure rushed the garden and burnt it with to much fertilizer but so far things are poking through. I can’t say if it will make it to produce anything but, seeing them pop out gave me hope. All I could do was smile and be thankful that everything is going to be ok. Then the boys ran up and we got their little pool out and we sat and had a nice time.


We even caught some fireflies.


Although the walks to the bathroom are always with company and holding it is an understatement. Once we stop and appreciate where we are and how we got here, we realize the joy and importance of the moment. The fevers will subside and the hot season will change. For now we have work to do. Wish us luck.

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