A full day down, Day 1

So here we are. It has been a busy one. So busy, there are not any pictures to share. There has been some fun in the beginning, moving the chickens. It is a strange thing, culture.
We have 8 chickens, all whom have been raised in our city home. So, moving them was a shock, to say the least. I mean, poor girls, we took them and boxed them up and transported them almost an hour away (kind of like the rest of us). But their introduction was almost painfully amusing. We let them out of their horrid box and introduced them to their new home. There was still daylight and unpacking to do. So, we let them roam a bit.
As we unpacked, I suddenly felt pecking at my feet. When I looked down, I saw our black beauty, the top hen, our beautiful Australorp. Then, I amusingly watched the rest of the 7 hens waddle, in a run, my direction. I couldn’t help but laugh. They all gathered around me, like, what do we do now. All I could do was continue unpacking as I watched them all get more and more confused. So, I grabbed the grapes, their favorite, and like the Pied Piper, walked them to their new home. And of course 3 were missing. 
So, I continue the trickery of handing out treats and they seemed content. Now was a good time as any to return to the dreadful unpacking. Then I hear it, the running of chicken feet. Yep, they have followed me once again. So, without to much resistance I consume myself with the chickens and left the unpacking to Jon. 🙂
I thought that was it but oh no. The black beauty, as I call her, started running in almost a panic. I could only assume she was looking for the rest. So, I thought I would help.


Nope. Everyone had to follow me. It was getting darker now so I asked Jon for help. He then decided to shine all the light from his truck to the coop, in hopes they would all show up. I then resigned myself to ‘mother of chickens’ and stayed in the coop until they all decided to jump on the roost and purr themselves to sleep. As they did, one by one, I was able to exit and go off to find the, now 4, hens. After some calling and such, I find three huddled together on a table outside our bathhouse, unknowingly thinking this would be a safe nights rest. Silly city hens. So, I scoop all three up and head to the coop. They easily join the others. All is well for these 7. The other hen was on her own, I was tired.
The next morning I get my coffee and step outside, expecting feathers strung everywhere. To my surprise, as I talked to our cat, the 8th chicken responds. My word! I never knew the hens were this dedicated. So, she spends the next day following our cat.


We finally reintroduced her to her flock and she seems fine now, resuming her bottom of the Totten pole statute.

I know this was a long detailed story but it has made me think of us, all of us in the family. Our yearning to be here and enjoy the outdoors but still have the city culture on our backs. I honestly do not want to loose that. It helps you see what is important. Much like our Australorp, family is everything. But what of the humor of being “city”. 24 hours and these fine ladies have adapted. They went straight in the coop at dusk and they are all together, laying eggs.
My fears have been the acceptance of it all. Mainly for the boys but, my hens taught me our family is the most important. We are doing what feels natural. We might run around in a panic from time to time but we will adapt. We will do what is natural for us. To dark for pictures now but, we are already settling in. Yes, we have boxes everywhere and we are adjusting to the slow internet. But we spent most the day outside. We worked with our hands and we laughed. The huts might be small but, tomorrow we can tackle that. Tonight we sleep, smiling with our chickens.

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