Getting settled, Days 2 & 3

Yesterday, we kind of took a day off. At least from making any monumentous decisions. We have had enough of that. So, we started the day off like most with two little boys playing in the pool. Nothing better than coffee by the pool while little boys splash and hens peck at the bugs.

Two cups of coffee later, attention spans needed to move on. So, as the temperatures rose, I decided then would be the perfect time to hunt down a grocery store. At this point, my temperature had risen to that of a not so fresh feeling. Well, my darling boys did not care and apparently a shower was not in my immediate future. Oh well, off to the store we go. 30 minutes later, we had arrived. I woke up my children and we slowly made our way inside. As I looked at my list, I realized I could not stray away from what was on here, and some of these things would need to be a 1/2 gallon and not the 1 gallon we usually get. Living in the huts means living small. Our refrigerator is not what I would call large. So, certain items are constantly on the chopping block. As we finished up, I worried what we would do for dinner. But, amongst all the commotion of the past few months, I seemed to have forgotten our life, back to the basics. We have a freezer full of deer meat. Thankfully that is a fan favorite. We were done!

As we arrived home, the inevitable hike from the car to the underground proved true to this description. At times, appearing to be a balancing act. But, we were set, at least until the next grocery visit. The rest of the day went along like anyone who moves. We unpacked, organized, washed, cleaned and called it a day.

Once we entered into the red hut and turned on the tv, yes we have a tv in the hut, 3 out of 4 us slept pretty well. Jon started off in a relaxing slumber until, what he describes as, a bird sized moth landed on his arm. He said he was up the rest of the night. I have to laugh because I saw this thing and it was quite large. I am just glad it didn’t land on me. One thing about living “underground” is that the bugs are underground with you. It also doesn’t hurt that we live out where the only light is the light from the front of the huts. We might be racing to get inside or walking in the dark. But I can bet we will find another solution. Good thing we are not squeamish. But there still needs to be a solution.

So, today we played in town. There were some unfinished business items to tend to. The boys and I ran errands and visited friends. While Jon continued the work on the farm. Now we rest and gear up for tomorrow.

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