Let’s get technical…

So, I had planned to write about our adventures with the rain. And it was pretty fun. But, with the rain comes frustration. Rain means no internet signal. I seriously feel I am in a city detox program. And the too two items to detox from, the internet and air conditioning.


We bit the bullet and put this in. We all sleep better now.

I am a pretty earthy person. I love working hard, getting dirty, fishing and camping. I have, however, put some of those things on pause since having kids and only got a glimpse of who I use to be from time to time. I realize now, those aspects of my former self have been falsified in city life.

Maybe I am being to hard on myself and the city. But, the need to have the world wide web is something of a mind blow. As the satellite guy was putting in the very tall dish, my husband made the comment, “my wife has no problem using the bathroom outside but she needs her internet.” I am sure he said this to get a chuckle or to explain our cabin can


Cabin can for the potty breaks at night. Our bathhouse is about a football field lengths away.

but, it is kind of true.
To be honest the internet is the common day community, library, school and even shopping mall. I am not sure if it is the city that connects us to much or our society. When discussing this with Jon, as our Wi-Fi gets slower and slower because we already used our data, It helped us realize some things we are needing to get rid of and habits to break. Although the internet is a portal to those far away and access to items not close by, aimlessly scrolling through pages and not focusing on what is tangibly in front of us is worrisome. So, although my need for the internet might never go away, the waste of it can. This will be a journey for sure. As other things become less important and those neglected push to the front, it will be a journey of discovery.



I just hope I can still watch G.O.T. 😜

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