15 days in…

To be honest, myself and the boys cheated a little 😛 This past week we went to Mississippi to visit family. It just so happened to be the hottest yet at the farm. 😁 Jon seemed to survive. Ha!

Once we returned, it took a little readjusting for the boys. Maybe it was exhaustion from the long drive or maybe the step back underground but, when we got out of the car, the chickens ran up to us like we had treats of the century. I loved it, the boys freaked. I will blame the exhaustion. But now we are right where we left off. After some Taekwondo achievements at class yesterday, we took care of some business and then returned to the homestead. It has been great ever since.

Jon and I got some hard labor in this morning building the chicken rotation garden. Then the heat landed on us like a wet wool blanket. 😳 So off to the grocery store I went. When I returned it was hotter. So, we plunged in the above ground pool, yes we had to get one, and then finished up some chores before the rumbling of thunder and grey clouds encouraged us to head underground.

You might not know this, if you do not live in hurricane country, but, hurricane parties are the best. You plan the party, get safe at home with your favorites and lock down until the storm is over. Music, great food and sometimes drinks make for a fun time riding out the storm. Well, tonight when the storm came, I got a glimpse of that.


We headed to the green hut, put on a record and the dance party ensued. Mama and Papa taught the boys the proper way to ask a lady to dance and showed them how to dip, not gracefully though. Boys were intrigued and embarrassed at the same time. Then, something we use to do at our old house, happened. It is Papa and the boys walking on the ceiling. Except, this time it is walking on an upside down boat. Lol!


A little more difficult with the curve but way cooler. So here we are, cat and all, listening to our records, the thunder off in the distance and getting ready to grill some food once the storm clears. It is good to be home!

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