Routine, or something like it

Almost a month in. It is surreal. When we were preparing and boxing our home up, I couldn’t picture life past the first week. But, here we are and I think we might finally be settling in to a routine of some kind.

Now this, with a family of 4 and 2 of those family members being little boys under the age of five, is an event all of itself. If this was video taped, it would be comical. So, as you can see in previous pictures,


There are 3 hut structures. The yellow has been designated as my stuff and storage, green is our kitchen area and the red is for the boys clothes and where we all sleep, together.


So, when getting ready, it resembles the scene from Home Alone, when everyone is late for their flight to Paris and they are trying to find what they need. So, yes, we always leave something, but we always remember each other ;).
Seriously, it begins after breakfast. I realize the time and begin the “getting stuff together” phase. I begin in the green hut, where we brush teeth, take vitamins and all other sink items. Our so cool sink we bought from a recycling vendor makes this all easier.


Next, is walking to the red hut and gather the boy’s clothes, hoping I got everything. Then walking to the yellow hut and gathering my things. Again hoping I got everything. Now, to get the children. At this point my goal is that we have everything we need to take baths and showers and then drive to our destination from the bathhouse. This never happens so that is why I have learned not to drive the car up there like we are ready to go, no point.
After all is gathered, we walk to the bathhouse, a football field away. It is kind of nice now that we are use to it. We usually stop to open the chicken coop and let my ladies out. Then, as we make our way to get clean, there is always pitter patter of chicken feet. It is so sweet to hear this behind you. 8 ladies waddling fast to keep up with where ever we are going.


We all love it!
So, showers done and then when we get ready, back to the huts. We inevitably forgot something we need to complete our task.
After that, we are ready and in the car and as we drive away, we rest, well some of us do.


These days are semi easier. Basically we wake up, walk to green hut, get coffee and breakfast, then it is a walk to the bathhouse, but not without stopping by the chicken coop and welcoming the ladies to the day. Then we all walk to the bathhouse. After that, we walk back to the green hut for more coffee or juice. Once we are awake it is time to work. This week, Jon has been working on the chicken rotation garden/run.


He was able to get some cedar logs from a guy clearing his property a couple hours away. So, we have been digging holes and placing them in. Next will be the fencing. This is all done in the morning because when lunch, who am I kidding, brunch time hits, the heat is to much. Lunch time and then either naps for the boys or it is go time for errands in town. Then, after the sun sets a bit, back to work while the boys splash in the pool. Dinner is made and then bedtime for the youngins. Finally, adult time, as long as we can hold our eyes open.
It has become “normal”. I know with all routines, finding them is the biggest battle. Our old routine was very similar to the Home Alone scene, now we just walk a bit more. Which is fine, we save money on gym memberships. One thing is certain, I can see the development of a stronger family unit. It is exciting to watch develop. Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Routine, or something like it

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of work to get ready in the morning! I thought we had it rough. 🙂 How did Jon find out about those cedar logs? I’d love to lay some poles but don’t want to use the non-cedar on my land because it will just rot too soon.


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