Heat this week 🔥

I have wanted to write about more interesting topics but my brain is not able to move through the humid fog that surrounds it. The heat is all I see, feel, smell. Even the chickens look at me like I can save them.


They all walk round with their wings raised and mouths open like They are saying, “nobody touch me!”. We probably all look this way.

The heat seems to be making the huts feel smaller at times. Our poor a/c units are running to keep up with the temperatures. Just when they reach their goal, bam, someone opens the door and it is back to square one again. So our saving grace has been the pool,


Which is so very nice after you do some hard labor and are drenched. You jump in, regroup and are able to get back to work. It is almost miraculous. Another helpful thing is the bathhouse, because of the air conditioner and structured activities for the kids.



This new phase of weather has helped us realize our love for earth cycles. Although it is hot and humid, it also wonderful to see the new bugs, plants and animals that pop up.


Which is one reason we love the food forest style of farming. Everything is so beneficial and beneficial at different crucial parts of growth. Nature is quite amazing! I hope we can live up to the challenge. Like with most things in nature, growth takes time. And although it is very hot, I can see our family growing and changing. I see it in the boys how free they are when they run around here. It might be hard to keep clothes on them but they surly do not watch as much tv or play video games. The huts encourage us all to be outside more. And for that I am thankful.


I know it isn’t even August yet but, good things are happening, heat or not.

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