Feet πŸ‘£

Walking has become a large part of living in the huts. Our halls are now the outdoors and getting to and from each “room” requires a process of finding shoes, making sure they are clean (somewhat), putting shoes on and then walking to the “next room” or hut. It is at this point, you reverse the process and take off, now dirty shoes, clean your feet and enter the room. It isn’t that bad really. We are now accustomed to taking our shoes off before opening most  doors on the property. The hardest part is keeping shoes on the boys when they want to be outside.

A little funny story about our feet and shoes. We recently went back to the city to visit some friends. Ah, a house with walled halls. We took showers, put on our clothes, gathered everyone together and we were off. Now, when we leave, the one thing always said is, “do you have your shoes?”. It is now up to each individual to find shoes and put them on, this is why we mainly wear crocks and flip flops. Going in and out so much makes boots ridiculously time consuming. Anyway, everyone had shoes. When we arrived at our friends, we all took our shoes off when we walked in. I have made peace with the fact my feet will not be pretty for the next few months. We then go into the living space and begin our visit. Our friends have 3 beautiful boys, ages 6 months to 4 and half. The 4 year old says to me, “can we move your shoes because the baby likes to play with shoes?”. Of course and I go to help him. As I turn I hear him say, “there is something dusty coming out of someone’s shoes.” you can imagine what all was going through my head. But, I pick up my kids shoes and a waterfall of dirt comes pouring down, right next to the baby. Now, we have a lot of chickens out here and while we are building the run for them, they roam everywhere. So, in this dirt could be anything. Well, as I realize the horror my friend must be thinking, I help clean it up. But, I also realized how unaffected I was by the dirt. If this would have happened 2 months ago, I would have felt so bad and apologized for 20 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I felt bad but, I am also accustomed to dirt now. It isn’t as important as it use to be. We all shower regularly and keep the huts clean but, the shoes seem to be on their own. 

Living out here has helped push what is important and what is less important. I have never been a clean “freak” but I do want us all the be healthy and I maintain that. There are just some battles you have to chose out here and dirt is not one I will win. I would rather focus on the space each of us needs and help us all identify when that space is necessary. We are in one hut most of the time. Bedtime consist of us all waiting until the other is asleep.

Quiet, alone time has become a cherished time for each of us. The boys use the phrase, “I need space” quite often. And although this can all be maddening at times, I am grateful that my 3 and 5 year old boys are learning to communicate their needs. Something most adults find hard at times, like these two little boy’s parents πŸ˜‰ 

We are relearning patience and taking a lot of deep breaths but we are also loving the outdoors and blueberry and blackberry season is upon us. We are excited!

This is the survival mode we are in. So for now, I keep my foot products near the shower and enjoy the 5 minutes they stay sparkley and clean before I have to go back outside. But wearing the flip flops are way more important than shiny toes. 

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