38 days and counting…

Here we are, almost like an old coat. Settled in, routines and each path worn down is familiar and direct. It has been a week of celebrations. Celebration of friends coming to visit for the first time and friends just met. 

It feels good to be home. Fourth of July celebration was celebrated on the fifth. We had some issues with the air conditioning unit and by the time they were fixed, storms rumbled in and forced us to stay inside. But on the fifth it was great. Boys were ready and we had the perfect view, down by the fire pit, while papa put on a show.

We have settled in so much, we can now relax. The other day, the boys wanted to go on a picnic. So we gathered some snacks, a blanket and a field guide.

It was wonderful to go out and explore. The cool water flowing between our toes was a glorious feeling as well. The boys are really adjusting miraculously. When we first got here, these hikes were filled with cries and begging to be held. Now these two lead the way, hiking through the creek, marching to their outdoor world.

The boys, as well as the adults, have embraced berry season. It is my favorite part of being out here. Blackberries and blueberries. The boys can always be found at the patches. Teeth blue and some fingers pricked by the blackberries. They love them but, if we try to pick early and then put them on a plate for dinner, they refuse to eat them. The event of picking must make them taste better.

But, with this warm season come the oh so favorite bugs. Flies, ticks, mosquitos, spiders and the occasional snake slithering across your path (always look at your feet). We have a plan of attack.

Sticky traps everywhere!! It has actually become a game and the boys are now immuned to creepy crawlers, as I call them. Everyday is a party! And we are loving it.

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