It’s a process

Lately, I have been thinking about being sustainable and the goals our family has to live this way. Since we have moved here, many things have changed within us. The independence, creativity and maturity I see happening in the boys is beautiful. Seeing the request for tv and video games dwindle to almost nothing and the resposibilities of each boy growing is something we are seeing more and more of each day. 

As we have seen this develop, I have realized to true meaning of living a sustainable life. To be honest, we have just been trying to survive and this has meant poor eating habits and microwaveable dishes. But, as we are getting more and more rooted in this lifestyle, I see sustainability creeping in. We entered this process with the expectations put on ourselves to be sustainable and since this transition underground, it has almost felt like a failure on our part. But, living a sustainable lifestyle is harder than you think at first. Like all things, it takes a process. I can see this process now and I have realized the pressure we put on ourselves to be something overnight that takes much longer. 

Yesterday, the boys were playing in their play House.

As they played, I saw their creativity shine through, and mine as well. So, we began to look at what we had around to make this obstacle course.

Then the boys wanted to make a sink and stove and then they wanted more and more until they looked at me and simply said, “Mom, I think this is all perfect.” In that moment I realized we were in the process. We are developing. We are looking at the plants around us and discovering what we can eat, we are creating a world with what we have, we are becoming sustainable. Now that I have lowered the expectations for being something overnight and have come fully aware of the process, it is a wonderful place to be. 

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