Little red wagon

As we all know, “it is the little things that count”. Today as we worked to finish our rotation chicken run, today was our deadline we have given ourselves, life did not stop.

Kids still needed to eat lunch and laundry wasn’t even close to getting done. During all this back and forth and up and down, I rediscovered our red wagon. Mostly used around our old neighborhood and on Halloween nights. But today the wagon became my new best friend. With this wagon, I could entertain the kids as I walked from one side to the other of the chicken run, carry the wood and cinder blocks needed for my water system for the chickens and carry the laundry from the bathhouse to the huts.

 It was an award winning discovery. This wagon is now my new friend. 
There has actually been a lot of discoveries around here. We have actually ventured out to meet people and socialize. It was during one of these new meetings that someone said something that has stuck with me. This new friend said something along the lines of being out in this environment, the farm, helped her discover the pure form of who she was and what she believes. This rang so true to me about this process underground. As hard as it is at times, I can’t ignore the metamorphosis our family is undergoing. With the simplicity of the huts and the attention needed to chores and comfort, plus always being outside, our purest forms are developing. Now I have no idea what that will look like but in a way it reassuring. This metamorphosis is why we did this. As crazy and sometimes akward as it is, what needed to happen is happening all on its own. Kids are more focused on picking flowers and swinging from trees than streaming a movie and as a couple, we have rediscovered the reality that we work better together than apart. Out here the distractions of life are hard to get distracted by. And new discoveries are always possible, especially with the help from friends, or red wagons 🙂

2 thoughts on “Little red wagon

  1. Love this!! It’s so wonderful when the less appreciated things, like wagon, become uncovered heroes and new found joys! I am so excited for you! And SO inspired! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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