When there are highs, there are lows…

It has been hard for me to finish this post. Almost a denial of sorts…

So, we went out of town this past week. We worked hard and finished the chicken run/rotation and thought we had everything set up. We were glad to be heading to see family and be inside a home and to relax. Our expectations were high. We were off. 

I can’t say we necessarily missed the huts but, the thoughts about how it was all going did begin to weigh on us. While we were with our family, one of our boys said, “Being in a house is awesome.” 😥 We all chuckled but the mommy in me knew this was something on my baby’s mind. As the days got closer to leaving, behaviors started to arise. Tears appeared and then silence. 

It didn’t last long as the discussion turned to our farm. At the thought of not being there, of being there and the kowledge of what could happen, we all became anxious. What would we return to? No chickens? No cat? Huts wet or open, August temps… the list continues. As the thought of spending a southern August in the huts landed heavy on our minds, the care of the farm outweighed all our worries. 

As we said our goodbyes to brothers, sisters, parents and cousins we headed north dreaming of the farm awaiting our return. After hours stuck in traffic and closer quarters then our huts, we arrive home, the farm awaits.

Immediately the countng begins. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Our surviving chickens made it. Run a success. Then it was watering and refilling food for the lady hens. After they were set, cat calling began. We all joined in the calls. Papa jumped on to making noise with the lawn mower, after the calls didn’t work. Boys jumped in the pool to scream and call for deuce cat more. I, obsessively walked to grounds. Nothing. 
The next day was our fabulous reunion with our friends, more like family. However, this time would be our last time together for awhile. Suprisingly, as we put up our “coming soon” sign on our home in the city, some of our closest friends were planning to do the same. So, goodbyes were on the agenda. After a wonderful day of hiking, sharing, eating and loving company, we finally say goodbye to friends that are great. 

As the days turned into another week, we carried on. Transitions continue and it is time again for the boys to enter a new school year. Time to meet new friends, new teachers and new routines. So, the “getting ready” process begins. Gather clothes, clean shoes, school needs, jump in car parked by huts, head to bathhouse, we 3 shower, cool car down, and head 20 minutes to meet our new school. 

I now know I will need a better and more organized routine. Getting ready will be challenging. Everyday and searching for what clothes are where for who. Might need some unpacking to do.

7 days and we are finished cat calling.
It has been a few weeks of goodbyes. Goodbyes I thought we were passed. But again, life reserects reality. Life is full of ins and outs, ups and downs, hellos and goodbyes. So, we find ourselves sweaty and tired, saying goodbye to our friend/family and our pet/family member. 

Nature is strong and hardy. To date we have seen snakes, bobcats, wild dogs, birds of prey and countless little critters. If you can’t hang with it, move out of the way. 

Heat is weighing on us all, humans and cars. All relief is calculated. 

With the highs, come the lows. Goodbyes are always hard. #hutliving

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