A very dear friend use to say to me, when I struggled, it is just a season. This is true on so many levels and situations. The past 63 days have been our season. Our season of city boys to country boys, dear friends growing and moving on, dear friends returning and the making of new dear friends. It has been dirty, smelly, full of bugs, growth, work, challenges, adventures, discoveries and more. As seasons change, so do we all. A bit scary at times and oh so challenging but we become better in the end for it.

 As our season ends, we say goodbye to a wonderful cat, blue egg laying chicken and city life. But tomorrow we wake up to a new puppy, new drive and new friends. 

 Schedules develop and emotions grow. Our next season begins.

As I ponder on this past season of our lives, I can’t help but feel proud of us all. So much has been affected. Camping 24/7 has had its limiting moments but I know we are all made for this lifestyle. We are stronger than we think. Everyday I see this, after the screams, walk aways, smelling dirty and sometimes sharing a room with critters, we make the best of it. We have started to notice the little things. Our youngest has become a huge fan of butterflies. Our oldest has started noticing mushrooms and spiders everywhere, with intrigue. 

As for the parents, we have been able to slowly identify and start working on the little things we always knew needed work. Our season full of past season’s goals.

So, here we are, seasons overlapping. A new school year full of exciting new adventures and lives to mingle with as well as continuing to move forward with hut living. Our home will not be complete for a while so, we continue underground. One thing we are the most excited about, is the fact that living underground will and has helped us with thouroughness of renting these huts out. We are definitely camping (glamping, glamorous camping). And it is very comfortable, for what it is. This is heaven 4 days at a time. But 60+ days can be challenging. Dirty feet are still an issue and if it rains, forget it, mud everywhere. But the huts are so small it is easy to clean. Wild life is great! Waking up to rabbits at your feet and going to sleep with butterflies surrounding you is extrordinary. But, losing your own/personal wildlife is sad. Then again, it creates another season.

We are in our best season and moving to a better one. When you realize it is all a season, you know change is gonna come. Tomorrow is our next season. Our backpacks are packed, baths finished and I will even reliquish the hike to clean dishes, all the ensure a great start to this new season. Breakfast is on me.

So, tonight we sleep, side by side. Knowing no matter this next season, it is just a season. Sweet dreams from underground. #hutliving


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