It is the age old question, “What do you need?”. I thought about this as I was at the grocery store, for the second time this week. As I held my grocery list in my hand, I tried to think if I had missed anything. As I placed a variety of drinking items in the cart, our main necessity would be something to drink. 

Water was for sure number one. Second, 

Shoes for clean, strong feet, however those feet may come. 

Living out here continues to get us focused on ‘what we need’. Like today, as I was trying to teach the boys how to steer our atv, in case of emergencies, we got a flat. Convenietly, papa was walking back from a shower as we were driving up and once he looked at my face, he said, “what happened?”. I began to plead for forgiveness but his reaction suprised me. “It happens”. Now this statement has been something we have been working on for years. (If you haven’t checked out Eckhart Tolley, you should) Why be mad at the wind? You can’t change it or control it, it happens. 

Priorities are starting to take shape. These huts continue to be a magical place. 

This upside down boat holds the serinity of simplicity. Although living simply is hard and the trash we continue to make is embarrassing, at least we are progressivly trying.

Living in a serine natural environment, literally in the ground, are the moments we will continue to remember. I pray it stays this way. Being able to walk out each morning not knowing what wild creature will be in front of me peacefully eating, is a blessing. 

Getting ready is still a bit crazy, thanks to the rain before each day of school this week has been fun. But we have made it and looking forward to next week. But tonight we enjoyed these little moments and our frig is full of stuff to drink. As long as we have our necessities we are full.

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