Taking care of business!

Kids are adjusted and loving school. Not sure if it is the new toys, room full of friends or the air conditioning. Ha! Either way, they love it. As they spend their day in real life imagination, mom and dad have been able to get our sites focused on why we are here. The business of it all. 

Someone asked me, “What do you do now that the kids are in school?” Well, in the past week and a half, since school started, there have been less distractions and the needs of the farm, huts and the property at large have become clearer. The huts are now getting the crack down. We have been living here almost 3 months and this has been the best thing to happen to us. When it comes to what makes the huts liveable, we have a good list to help us move forward. 

1. The heat and humidity.

Here’s the deal, we have had these oh so fine a/c units,

But, we have ended up screaming over them, trying to hear the tv or conversations, the suction brings heat and critters in, there have been several times we have walked in and water was leaking all over the floor and how could you ignore the window treatment it leaves us with. So, we finally bit the bullet and decided to invest in a ductless unit. 
We only have this in the red hut but there are plans for more in the future. It has made a world of difference. It feels cleaner, crisper, less fear of leaking and it is so quiet. Thumbs up on this purchase.

2. Bugs. 

This will probably be an ongoing issue but the new a/c unit helps keep the air flow from being sucked from the outside and pulled inside. Thus, discouraging bugs to follow the air flow inside. 

3. Making our list of things to do:

Today, Jon and I conitued to finish up the chicken run/rotation. Jon cut this dead cedar from the back of our property and we are using it for the finishing touches on the roof. Now we just new 5 more. Guess we will be taking a hike soon.

And there is the never ending chores of weeding, fixing this watering system that is not working, complete the 10 signs I need to make and as always the lovely ladies will always need tending to. 

(BTW, I ordered this great shirt)

And this is just what I think I will be able to get to while the boys are in school. I still have to fix the pond and finish reading all my new books.

 Jon has an entire different list of his own. 

So, I guess to answer that person’s question. I have a lot of things to do and I am loving it. 

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