Perspective changes everything…

There have been some techical difficulties which is why the delay in writing. My phone has become my one stop, do it all, component of technology. So, when it breaks, there are no pictures taken, websites searched or time wasted. Thus, the delay. But this time has been a reflective one, which often happens when we unplug for a while. 

It started one morning while we were all in the car driving to have a fun day at the movies and lunch. My phone refused to turn on. We had some time to kill before the movie started so we made a “quick” stop at the phone store to see what magic they could work up. 45 minutes later and many buttons pushed, I was to miss the movie and drive to downtown Nashville, where there is only this one store that could help. So, I dropped the guys off and headed north, to the old stomping ground. I now did not have a way to contact my family, no gps to guide me on my way and once out of the car, no clock. I was ok though. Once I spotted the Batman building up ahead, euphoria took over. The city! Youth running, tourist exploring, growth everywhere and traffic. It was exciting and I was ok with waiting 2 hours until it was my turn. I got to listen to conversations, people watch and compare my life now to my life 3 months ago. This was gonna be good. 

3 hours later, I am driving back to my family at the movies, no phone and a head full of thoughts. My first thought was the shock that I now live almost 90 minutes from downtown Nashville and neither the drive or waiting or still having a broken phone had put me into an angry mess. I didn’t really care. The peace was interesting to me. Why the change?

So, let’s get back to life underground for a moment. What have we been doing? Well, living. We are still in the huts and boys are in school and everything else in between that makes up our day. But it is different than our city life. Living here is a little more involved day to day than when we lived in the city. For one example, there is not running water in the huts. The bathhouse has all the fresh clean water we need. This means to get water for the coffee maker, water to drink, water for the dog and chickens and water to clean in the “sink” we have in the green hut, it requires walking and carrying jugs and dragging the water hose from the bathhouse to us. Then there is getting ready, which I do not need to go into again 😉 All adding minutes to each process to add up to our day. This all reminds me of the ‘going back to our roots’ movement. Which we are gladly trying to walk or at least enlighten that perspective. One simple need equals several tasks. Your appreciation for these needs and how they are cared for grows with each task you complete. The boys have this book, Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle. This story is about a little boy who wants pancakes for breakfast. But in order to get them, his mother tells him all the ingredients he needs to make them. So, the boy goes out and makes the flour, goes to the chickens for eggs, milks a cow for the milk, and so on. This is his perspective on making breakfast, a normal process. There is no complaining or judging or anything from the boy, he just does it. When I went downtown, my perspective as a person who lived in this city vs. the person who now lives in a rural community, in underground huts, started a perspective thought process in my head. 

Many people live in their own perspective “bubbles”. In a way I could see these bubbles all around me, as I left Nashville and returned to the huts. It is easy to get caught up in your bubble. Many people are in their bubble, and we are too out here. It has made me think about questions we get on “what we do all day” or “why have we not opened our business yet” or the politics of our country and culture. Most people never get why someone in the country would kill an animal, when that animal could be threatening harm or be that nights dinner. And then there are other people who do not get why it is important to be politically correct or open to other’s choices and lifestyles because we are all in our perspective bubbles, naturally unaware of the bubble next to us.

Living underground and being in the transition from city life to a more rural self sustaining life has given me the perspective that understanding someone else’s bubble or living in a variety of bubbles has been a blessing for us to see and understand but, most people do not get that opportunity. Empathy is a great gift, one We are getting from exposing our family to the variety life has. We have been very lucky to meet the people we have and explore other people’s perspectives. 

Being focused on the now and the world around me has been a wonderful gift. We are living in nature and almost forced to be more self aware, therfore being aware of the many bubbles. Right now our perspective is living in these underground huts, in a rural area with wildlife everywhere and making the necessities work. We are parents, friends, entrepreneurs, farmers, students of the land and explorers of perspective. Needless to say, our new perspective has changed everything and it is still evolving. Being more aware and putting ourselves outside our bubble is bringing peace and nourishing our empathy. 

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