Fall is in the air, at least at night. Although it has still been in the 90’s during the day, nightime has brought welcomed relief. There are stars popping through the trees at night that are now more visible with each leaf that drops. We are starting to see a lot of plants we have been studying with our foraging guides; nettle, watercress, jerusalem artichokes, passion fruit and so many more. It is exciting. To truly be living with nature and getting the opportunity to be humbled by it’s ever evolving transformations is truly a blessing.

Lately we have been hosting friends for overnight stays in the gully huts and camping in their tents. 

As well as getting to know new friends who are opening us up to different ways of thinking and opinions. These two events happening at the same time have a strange impact on why we are doing all this. For so long our “business plan” has been guided by the flow of life. We have been changing through our seasons but not much evolvement has taken place. 4 months in and we are transforming alongside our farm. We are at the “budding” stage right now. 
Having our friends try out the huts has been good for morale as well as good for planning what is needed to open up to the public. For so long we have wondered why it is taking so long to be ready to open. We have tried to rush the process only to find setbacks because we went to fast. We are now in the realization season. Realizing why things are taking longer than originally anticipated. There are many items on the to do list and these items are needing to be completed the right way with thouroughness. Much like the relationships of those we hold dear to us. Being out here and in a tiny home lifestyle has opened awareness of what is most important. We had big plans to get our to do list completed and ready for opening. But, the awareness of friends who are truly here for the betterment of us and our family and vice versa, has been an item on our to do list we had forgotten but gladly place a check mark by.  

With each visit from a friend, we are getting better at knowing what area to clean the most, where to store what items, what is needed in the green kitchen hut. It seems the green hut is the gathering place, the kitchen always is.

 But, the size of the huts forces you to go outside. So the front of the green hut is the “living room”, so to speak. There are more lights needed outside and areas of land to be leveled but it always feels great sitting with your closest friends around a campfire or hiking to the waterfall.

So, we are here in this moment. Making our list and enjoying the journey. Living underground has its trials and tribulations (like waking up to a broken refrigerator and having to truly camp out with a cooler, walking into a hut where the a/c unit leaked) but it also has it’s peace and awareness of moments (kids identifying bugs, close quarters equals more hugs and realizing how much we are all a part of the same thing). It might be taking a long time to get off our feet but it will be all for the greater good. Nature has humbled us. The huts have strengthened us. We are blessed.

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