Lazy Sunday 

We all know that scene that plays out in homes across the globe. A day where the morning routine kind of extends to the rest of the day. Today has been that day. Almost like the entire farm is our house and we have just been moseying around doing a little of this and that. 124 days underground and I think this might be the first time we have had one of those days. It has seemed almost like we had hallways. 

One main reason this day came to be, is a direct result from all the ragweed growing all around us. Some of us are getting the fall allergies so, all events for the day were cancelled. It all started with the typical “mom can you wake up with me!” over and over until I emerge from my pillow. Then off to the green hut for coffee, cereal, news radio and whatever else my little masters want for breakfast 😝. Then, everyone eventually gathered around the fire pit to start a fire, why not. 

As we tried starting the fire, with minimal effort, the days plans were discussed and eventually never made. One by one, each of us trailed off to do something else. The boys played video games, colored and found stickers.

Daddy took some allergy medicine and laid down and mom seemed to wander back and forth from the bathhouse to the huts. Eventually ending up in the red hut, with the rest of the family, to watch ‘honey I shrunk the kids’ it was great. Once we all emerged from the red hut and ate lunch, we got a little more active. Mom and Leia (our puppy) went for a run and dad and the boys hung out in the red hut doing what boys do. After all the fun, dad went to a nearby house that has bountiful muscadines. 

Coming home with about 3 gallons. All in the hopes to try making muscadine wine. 

While dad was away, mom and the boys decided to go explore our shed where some boxes from our move are still full of clothes and kitchen stuff. While we were picking through everything, we found 1 toy box. Omg! This was like Christmas and the feeling of home all coming out with each toy we found. It was at this point that I realized we had had a lazy home day. Today this became like home. There were no worries or business items to tend to. Just life. It was nice. Although it made me a little teary eyed, it was nice. Who knew I would love seeing a box full of superhero toys again?

After a reunion full of blast offs and fighting bad guys, again we walked out one by one to do our own thing. Which eventually lead to blowing bubbles to the dog and playing chase.

And the day is not over, as the sun is setting we have one child building a graham cracker house and another playing in the sand box while the dog invades the space of everyone. After a few weeks of stressful decisions with building our house and more decisions about the direction of our busness, a lazy Sunday has been refreshing. Hope you all have a lazy day soon. Goodnight from living underground.

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