Moths, spiders and open doors

As I have stated before, keeping the doors closed has been an ongoing struggle. But, I have to accept the blame for not shutting one door and this door was the bathhouse. Let me explain.

Last week was fall break for the boys. And although it has been nice for us all for the boys to be having fun at school and us working on the property during the day, not having to get ready and do the daily routine was nice. We slept later, boys enjoyed the outdoors in the fall weather and we all worked together to complete some farm tasks. So, needless to say, when that first day after a break pops up, we are all a little on the grumpy side. 

So, it is Monday. It is a cold morning. And clothes are not in the same area. I am rushing. As I walk to the red hut, trying to gather pants, socks, underwear and looking for a matching shirt, no shirt, I walk to the yellow hut.

 Now in the yellow hut are 2 bags of clothes. These clothes were found in our storage shed the previous day. This was entertaining, let me get off track here. So, I was not prepared to still be in these huts when the weather started to cool. All the clothes I packed for the huts are summer clothes. Not a single pair of pants for the boys. Off to the storage units we go. As we opened one of the unit doors, all four of us try to spot anything that resembles a box or bag of clothes. 2 are spoted, right past the piano and on top of the barstools and under all our art. Luckily there was a bar stool between us, the piano and the bags. But who could fit through? Momma tries, nope. 5 year old tries but things start to shake and he quickly retreats. This leaves the youngest, our 3 year old. Now, if anyone has a 3 year old or a second child, or both in our case, you know these fearless, up for anything personalities. He was all smiles. He climbs up the chair, through the opening of another chair and plants himself on the top of the piano, then he looks at us and smiles. This smile suddenly clicks in my head that out of all of us, he is the one that will not come back out of this. To him this is paradise and I just opened the gates for him. All the bribing we had in our back pockets, we used. Thankfully it worked. He began to focus on the bags of clothes and tried to pull as hard as a willful 3 year old can. And he did pretty well. But when it got to a point where he ran out of room on top of that piano and it didn’t seem fun anymore, his retreat was swift. Thankfully he had moved it to a point where papa was able to grab and pull. Yay we had clothes. And an adventure, at least one through the minds of two little boys.

Ok, back to the yellow hut. So at the bags I search for pants, we are set. Lets go to the bathhouse. Car, drive, out of the car, let’s bathe. Well, we walked up to the shower side and the door is wide open. I did it and I knew it. I was putting towels up the day before and got distracted with the dog or 3 year old, not sure which. Well, my first thought was, “what is in this bathroom now?” I walk in and not only was the door open, the lights were on. This meant moths and flying bugs all over the lights and walls. Then I pull back the shower curtain and screamed! Wolf spider against a daddy long legs. Now the wolf spiders around here are crazy big. They resemble a tarantula. At this point I am over this morning already. I get rid of said spiders and turn to my kids. The 3 year old is already undressed and anxious to get in the bathtub, of course. The 5 year old, not so much. He was back at the car and shaking his head no when he saw me. It was all down hill from there. Papa got involved, games were played, jokes, threats, bribes. We tried it all. Nothing! He was scared solid. Not moving in any direction. It was at this point I realized I hadn’t brushed my teeth, taken a shower or changed out of my PJ’s. And at this point, forget it. So We are now 20 minutes late leaving for school. I do all I can to get these boys clean and dressed and in the car. Make it happen! We are driving, I am exhausted and the 5 year old is asking question after question about being afraid and what kind of spider is what. I do my very best to provide good advice and solid intellectual information. Then he says he has to pee. Yep! Already 20 minutes late and he has to pee. We stop, he goes, we continue. Arriving at school 30 minutes late but somehow all smiles. We are ready for school again. 

All this said, we are remaining in the huts until thanksgiving. We are 3 days in the week and today the routine worked. We all seem to have our big girl and big boy pants on and living in the nature. Minus the sacrifice of 2 spiders. We are still underground. Taking it one day at a time. And laughing at the stories the next day. 

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