Mushrooms and healing

This past weekend I went to a class, Mushrooms, Molds & Mycorrhizae with Tradd Cotter of Mushroom Mountain. It is the 2nd part of a 3 part Permaculture and design class at Spiral Ridge, here in Tennessee. I was only able to get into the mushroom course but it was a great course to learn. Throughout the weekend we learned about the development cycle of spores, mycellium and mushrooms and how they are beneficial to the world around us at each stage. 

While engulfed in this facinating world of mushrooms, we stayed at this homestead/Permaculture farm called spiral ridge. Here a family of 7 live in harmony with the land, in a selfsustaining lifestyle and opening it up to teaching others. They did not teach the mushroom class but they sure did teach me a lot. Walking around their homestead was so inspirational to me and the journey we are on at forest fully farms. Their swells and Permaculture design was beautiful, functional and it all made me grateful for the experience.

I have returned home with a head full of ideas and the tenacity to complete them. 

I have already started the process of growing my mycellium and hoping to have 3 varieties of oyster mushrooms, shiitake and king stropharia.

If I can keep these guys happy and see them incoculate into a block of mycellium, I can fruit them and harvest some beneficial food for my family and/or spread them in a mulch bed to encourage a healthy soil and work production and you can also use certain species to clean those small chemical spills you make in your yard from time to time. There are even some that can be used as pesticides. It is truly mind blowing. 

Now, this is not my first adventure with growing mushrooms. Several years ago, I inoculated 4 freshly cut logs. Two with oyster and two with shiitake. After this weekend, I learned everything I had done wrong. Lol. Basically, I got them to wet. Now they fruited some but before I could harvest them they were washed away when the creek overflowed. Yesterday while exploring, I found one of these logs. 

I am not sure which log this was but I do know this is not an oyster or shiitake mushroom. To me, it appears to be turkey tail, a good mushroom for health when used the right way. I find this completely fascinating. The turkey tail completely beat the other mushroom out. Dominating mushroom in these woods, and in most areas in north America. 

Anyway, this weekend has inspired me to keep doing what we are doing. We might be one foot in and one foot out of two worlds but we are on our way to better health, fulfilling our dreams and getting this farm where we want it. It is all possible. If you have a chance, check out spiral ridge and mushroom mountain. I am still digesting this weekend and will probably have way more things to write about. I feel healed from where we have been and growth to where we are going. Until more revelations come, check all this out. It is truly fascinating. 

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