Feeling mellow

Something inside us all has changed. I was walking to the bathhouse, with dirty clothes in one hand, phone in the other, planning to use the facilities, get laundry,  go and grab anything else needed for the huts. In the middle of doing all of this, I realized I am ok. We all seem to be ok. I am not sure if it is passing the deadline of our house being completed, the changing weather or the restart button that was pushed last weekend at my mushroom class. Regardless, it all seems to be clicking. In a way, we are on the down slope of this hill we have been climbing.

This weekend has felt great! Both weather wise and all around growth. This weekend we rented a “digger” as our three years old likes to call it.

All weekend we worked to make the fire pit area walkable and flat. We all seem to join in and work as a team.

Papa dug while mamma raked the dirt even. The dog barked, protecting us from the vicious scoop and the boys got lost in the world of pretend. It was a weekend full of flow. Back in college, this was the moment in a group therapy session when it all clicked and as a therapist, you just let it “flow”. It was great.

I do know one thing, the weather is for sure the reason we are all embracing the farm as one large home.

We spend more time outside, working and playing, then we ever did this summer. But, in the transition we have all been in, it has been perfect. We all seem to be stronger for conquering our fears and moments of being uncomfortable. The boys willingly and at times suggest hikes, anywhere. Our creek and waterfall are a favorite adventure. Dirt has become a friend and less an enemy. Creatures, insects and nature is now a part of our family. Even when we see a not so good spider or other insect, it becomes a teaching moment for us all and awareness of what is around us.

As our house comes closer to an end, it is kind of sad to think we will be “normal” again. I am not sure if I want that. But a kitchen does sound fabulous. I am sure we can adapt 😉 However, as I sit here bathing the boys, my 3 year old said he had to pee. So when I got him out of the tub, he naturally went outside to pee. The toilet was right next to him. We will all have our adaptations to face.

All in all living underground has brought us out, made us grow and continues to help us accept life as it comes to us. I look forward to this last month underground and all we will discover.

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