Election Day


With the early mornings, brought on by daylight savings time, I have been unable to avoid what today is. Election Day! While I have been listening to the radio talk about who is doing what and where is this happening and that, I find myself reflecting on the experience of living here. Since moving here, our transformation has opened the door to what diversity is in our country, and world. I mean, I knew this and read about it but, out here, I am living it. I see how certain issues affect groups differently and how generations affect decisions. I also see what is peaceful, what has helped me grow. Living outside has humbled me to a point that what I am listening to on the radio is so frustrating because nothing actually addresses what is important day to day in our lives across the globe. I love living in our little pocket in the woods where the things that are important are right in front of me. My family and the natural world is what keeps us all growing and moving forward. I hope whatever happens in the big bubble in DC will somehow help the future of these two things I love the most.

I hope you all find peace, regardless of the outcome today. If you can’t seem to escape the political parade, go outside, close your eyes and breathe. Mother nature knows how to hold us all. Good luck today!


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