What can I say…

It is the cliche of it all. Yes I am thankful. Maybe it is the season, maybe it is the pause to see those you love. Maybe it is the awful few weeks of unrest, not only nationally but within each family across our country. Maybe it is the weather or just the passing of time. Whatever it is, I feel thankful.

The last week has been a time of reflection. I have caught myself sitting outside the hut, warming myself by the fire and wondering why everything can’t be as peaceful as this.My several week sabatical from these post has a lot to do with the happenings outside forest gully. But, there have been good days. For one, we had our first customers. I almost felt like a college student presenting my internship report to the staff. It was great!  We had a wonderful family from Florida come and spend the morning talking all about food forestry and getting a tour of the grounds. It was a pure test of what we know and how the future will proceed. And we were very fortunate to have the perfect people be our first customers. 

On other avenues, we are moving along. And we are still underground. With the first customers arriving, all we need to proceed are several signs to be carved and fine tuning throughout. Not to mention our house to be completed but I am hopeful for the end being near.

As far as this sebatical… Let me just say, Thanksgiving is a holiday for a reason. Although there might have been tension in the air regarding issues, we were able to discuss and come together to find a meaning in the mess. After the ugly was out of the way and turkey was eaten, myself and my 2 nieces went outside, into my mother’s cul de sac and grabbed my kid’s wiffle balls and plastic bat and had the time of our lives. Barefoot, heels and boots, we played ball. Nothing but the sun and the potential of a great homerun. It was perfection. Later we were joined by a 3 year old ready to catch all the balls and a 5 year old perfecting his batting skills.

 As the sun began to set we all went inside for more dessert and more games. After family fun I began cartwheel practice and falling. These moments are what I am thankful for. 

Over the past 7 months, it has been so hard not to think about the stress of building, raising humans and being true to yourself. But thanksgiving reminded me of why we should fight for our passion and dreams. Regardless of the struggles, it is all about learning how to do a cartwheel and laughing when you fall on your face. I have realized how much I don’t just drop everything to go play ball. No preperation, no plan, just do it. And I am thankful I have had that moment this week and a dream to catch moments and breathe them in. 

I am so looking forward to this next chapter. I can’t wait for other “I went underground” stories. Regardless of the world outside forest gully, there is good, there is hope and there is healing. Living in the moment, that is the true dream. 

Hope you all had moments to remember and to grow from. It is what it is all about.

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