The thing I have dreaded the most.

It has happened. I had high hopes this year that we would be in our house by now and we would not have to deal with this. The dreaded cold and flu season! Yep, one of the boys is sick. And yep, we are still in the huts.

Now, what makes this more difficult is a lot of the same things that would be hard in a house. Little brothers, medicine accessibility, going to the bathroom, what to eat. All these normal inconveniences are amplified by the fact that we are all in one room, we live in 3 seperate buildings and when we move to another room/building, we must all do this together, apparently.

So, at 4:30 a.m. it began. I felt him and knew. He had his usual wimper, which he has had since the first fever. I knew he had a high temp. Well, when I start moving around, looking for shoes to put on so I could walk to the yellow hut, I heard the morning song of the little brother. “I want to come with you.” “Are we all waking up?”. I tell him no get him semi back to sleep and I walk in the dark to the yellow hut where I keep our medicine. And of course all the thermometers have dead batteries. So, I find some medicine to give and walk back to the red hut. Before I even walk in the door, I can hear my baby crying. There he was, sitting on the bed crying and of course little brother did not stir. So, I give him meds and wrap him up to walk to the green hut for something to drink. As I am balancing everything and about to reach for the door, “I want to come with you too!” So the shuffling of things starts over. 

We finally all make it out of the red hut and to the green hut where everyone gets juice and cuddles with a blanket. Now, Papa is off to the the bathhouse where I know there is a working thermometer. We find one! And yes he has a fever. No school today! 

So here we are, myself, big brother and little brother all in the yellow hut. Our day begins. I had grand plans of letting the boys lay around all day in the yellow hut, watching tv. Ha! Not once in these huts have the boys let knowing where I am, leave their mind. So, I try to lie down as long as I can but I begin to stir. It is hard to stay seated long in these huts. We have been here so long that I can get cabin fever so fast. So, I walk to the green hut where there is always plenty to do. It is cold now and drizzling for the third day. While I am in the green hut, the door opens, it is the sick one and he does NOT have shoes on. Which is still an issue, protecting our feet. So, I tell him he is staying in here and we make a pallet for him under the table. He stays here the rest of the day. 

All this time, little brother was asleep in the yellow hut. So, Ibproceed with my chores. Then I get a call from papa, “Ethan is up here by the chicken coop.” thankfully, with shoes on. He has just woken up and is looking for, you guessed it, me. Why he thought I would be at the chicken coop, is beyond me. Little brother and I then walk to the green hut for lunch. But big brother is still sick and little brother does not care. We do What We can to entertain this little brother but it does not work. So, big brother asks to go back to the yellow hut. Here I am again, wrapping him up and grabbing what I can and I knew little brother wanted to follow, and he does. So We get settled in the yellow hut. Then little brother says he has to pee. Which, thankfully, we have boys. He walks outside but take a long time. He peeks his head in the door and giggles. I knew it instantly, he has to poop. Yep! Now, he wants me to take him to the bathhouse but big brother is not going to let me leave him. Time for papa to stop working and take little brother. 

And that is where we are. Myself and big brother hunkered down for the night in the yellow hut and papa and little brother somewhere between the bathhouse, the green hut and the red hut. Just another day going underground. 

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