A few things…

As with any mother of little ones that are sick, the illness cleared up before I could completely lose my mind. The day after I posted the last post, little brother got sick but, that was inevitable. Once the carrying of bundled up boys from one hut to the other was over and we could all be sick together, underground, we were able to enjoy a few things.

Although it can be trying at times, it has actually been a blessing with limited tv and internet access. Movies have reappeared into our daily life with joy and a feeling of nostalgia. Tis the season to bring out those warm and fuzzies. And being sick was the perfect excuse. We all laid around and introduced the boys to our holiday favorites, and they loved it. And something inside us all felt warm and cozy, like we were watching these by the fireplace in our old home. Truly great moments relived each year.

Another joy, which can be debatable, to reappear was the elf on the shelf, Gumbo.

Papa and I have debated to do or not to do Gumbo. But, when you live in small quarters and the temperatures are dropping outside, the little things have greater weight. So, celebrating the season it is. However small, we were still able to do some of our seasonal traditions.

Like, making gingerbread houses:

Decorating the tree:

And enjoying a Christmas parade with great friends:

To be honest, as the months underground add up and issues with building a house mount, it is hard to be a glass half full kind of person. But, when I stop and look at the moments and live in the present, it will be one of the best decisions we have made. I just hope to always remember that, in all types of moments. Holiday seasons are so much more, I am glad to be able to see that.

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