Last night underground

It is here, very surreal but, it is here. Fingers crossed, this is our last night underground.

We closed on our house tonight. And without hesitation, the first thing we all do is drive over to the huts, grab some boxes and food. Yes! The first thing we all wanted to do was have dinner in our home.

Don’t get me wrong, living underground has worked. Our kitchen has consisted of a hot plate/stove (usually much cleaner);

A convection oven/oven;

And 3 plastic tubs used as a sink, when walking to the bathhouse seemed to be to much 🙂

The kitchen is where people gather. Whenever we have had friends here, the green hut is where we all gather. So, it makes sense that food and the kitchen were the natural first steps to being “above ground” so to speak.

It is interesting, now that we are coming above ground for air, transistioning to a house again will be eye opening as to what we have each missed. For our eldest child, the thing he has been most excited about was the bathroom access. He was so happy when I told him he could use any of the bathrooms whenever he wanted. So off he ran to use the bathroom. And he did so several more times before we headed back to the huts.

For our younger guy, having space to roam and books to rummage through, made his day. The opening of boxes brought a sense of Christmas morning. The nostalgia of being thankful for a heart warming object or memory, was all around. For me, it was the kitchen. All of it! I am not saying this as a female stereotype. I am saying this as a queen of my domain. I missed my cooking tools and appliances. The kitchen is my lab, I create, sometimes good food and sometimes bad. But, I can create. Ugh! I missed a kitchen. Now for Papa, it seems to be all of it. He spent a lot of time watching, being still. We made it.

When it was time to go, we all got sad. The boys were very resistant and I longed for our bed in our bedroom to be set up. But, the moment we drive up to the huts and all walked down to the underground, habit clicked right in. Normal routines took place and we fell right in line. As each boy reads their “last book in the hut” it still feels familiar.

Although these past months have been hard, they have also been eye opening. As we unpacked today, I realized the minimalist lifestyle we have been living and how much stuff we no longer need. Living underground has been a great transformation and learning season. I am sure we will not fully get it all until later on but, it will have all been worth it.

So, tonight we sleep in one hut, together. We make a good team and children are resilient. Tonight we have our last night underground and it all feels right.

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