Coming up for air…

Here we are, 4 days above ground, in a house. And let’s just be honest, it is wonderful! Everyone in one place, with their own space, clean feet and bathrooms under the same roof. Our awareness of what is important has surely changed. With each box we unwrap, it feels like Christmas has come early. I forgot I had clothes and shoes, lol. The boys forgot they had cool toys and we all forgot how much stuff we all have. These past 7 months living underground has given us a minimalist perspective we didn’t realize we truly needed. I mean it is nice to make the effort to get rid of stuff but to actually feel it in your bones, is a cleansing experience.

Our time in the huts have made us more aware and thankful. A gift we were not expecting. It was hard but it was also strengthening. Not only mentally but within our family unit as well. As we unpack we all seem to be ok with getting rid of so many unnecessary items. The clothes! I mean all the clothes are mind blowing. Where did we go all the time? I forgot we each only had a few pairs of pants and shorts and shirts, and they all lasted us through our time underground. And the shoes! I do not know why we have all these shoes. We only had 2 pair each in the huts. The list can go on and on; the pots and pans, cups, toys, wall art, furniture… All too much and not necessary. Thanks to the huts we can see all this. The people we were when we packed these boxes are definitely better people now as we unpack them. We have recently said the house we have designed and built is was designed by city people and the underground people might have made different choices. But, our house is still awesome and I do love it very much. We all do.

We love this house so much that when we go back to the huts, it is clear we were all eager to move in. Obviously there are items we are still moving from the huts to the house. And when we go back, the only way to describe the scene is that we must have been evacuated from a life-threatening event. Lol! It truly looks as if we could only grab the important things and run. Let me paint the scene: As you walk down the cedar stairs, you see a fire pit that looks like people sat around the night before and had a nice time. You then turn to the green hut and notice dog toys everywhere and 2 grills with a dish on them. Then you open the round green door and there it is, obviously someone left in a hurry. Dishes still in the sink, backpacks open and on the floor, even a biscuit left out, gross. Then when you walk over to the yellow or red hut, you see little boy clothes on the floor and toys not important enough to make the move. It is very shocking and hilarious at the same time. Just to defend ourselves a bit here, I will explain our lack of planning and preparation. We were 4 months behind schedule on the house completion. The promise that our house would be finished before Christmas was not something any of us believed. So, when the contractor said we could close that evening, you bet we got excited. And we never returned! Lol!! 

Maybe a bit dramatic but it works. Needless to say, we feel very blessed and completely ready to clean the huts up and get them ready for new adventures. We are very excited to get them ready for other “going underground” stories. The 3 blessings these huts have become are soon to be opened for overnight rentals where our little piece of heaven can be shared with others. Get ready! 2017 is for sure the year Forest Gully Farms opens up and more stories told both by us and you! Thank you for staying with me on this journey. I look forward to hearing yours. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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