New year so let’s begin

Day 2 in this new year and we are hitting the ground running. Many exciting things happening this year at the farm. We are finally out of our huts and ready to set the Gully up! Although it might seem we are in an off season, the trees, bushes, grass and composts are all working underground. Since they do not get to stop, neither do we. We have been collecting leaves from neighborhoods and have been letting them sit in the sun, letting them break down to be a perfect dinner for our blueberries, veggie garden and more.

Some other hard workers on the farm are these little ladies, our chickens. They have been on the left side of our chicken rotation and in the next week we will open the right side for them to forage through last years veggie garden. While they have been working on the left side, they have been providing manure and hopefully picking the not so nice insects out. We are rotating them to prevent the soil from being burnt and to let it rest for 3 to 4 months before setting up for the spring and summer garden. At the moment, we are trying a little experiment with mycelium from cold blue oyster mushrooms, cardboard and the composting leaves. We used somewhat of a lasagna method, starting with cardboard boxes flattened and spread throughout the left side, then mixed the mycelium and straw, sprinkled that over the cardboard and topped it off with the composted leaves. The goal is to attract earthworms and create a great nutrient rich soil for the spring. Again, it is an experiment so we will see. We love to try new ideas on the farm.

While these ladies continue to do their job, we will continue getting ready for our next experiment. Overnight stays on the farm. We are working to get everything lined up to open April 2017. Be sure to keep following us here and on Facebook to get your bookings reserved. Oh 2017 is going to be fun!!

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