Magical opening for all involved

“You know Forest Gully Farms is someplace special when five teenage boys describe their stay as “magical.” Maybe it was the quiet forest, the clear starry skies, or the charmingly realistic hobbit huts, but this place was even better than we imagined. The bedrooms manage to feel both spacious and cozy with light toned wood interiors and white bedding. The middle kitchen hut’s large table was perfect for a game night of Munchkin and Lord of the Rings Risk. A fire pit, complete with firewood and Adirondack chairs, made it so pleasant to roast S’mores and listen to the owls. The timbered bath house offers modern bathroom and laundry. Friendly owners provided a map with trails to the waterfall, great coffee setup, and farm fresh eggs. On the way home, we took the scenic drive through Leipers Fork down Old Hillsboro Rd. directly to Franklin, Tennessee. This is close enough to explore the hustle of Nashville by day and retreat to an unforgettable rustic setting at night. Think about the last time you heard teenagers say this about a place with no wireless or television: “I wish we could stay longer.” “I am definitely coming back here.” “I can’t wait to show this to my parents.” As parents, we felt that this was the best magic of all.”

We were honored to open a little bit earlier than scheduled to welcome some great 15 year old guys and their dad. A big Hobbit fan and his best friends enjoyed a beautiful night under the stars. We could not have asked for better first customers. There are so many great things I could say about their stay but their review above is so beautifully written, words escape me. Their underground story appears to be a success.

Seeing how things all got together faster than we expected, we have decided to go ahead and open our doors. After a wonderful 1st STAY, the next day we had a great farm tour.

“We had such a good time visiting Forest Gully Farm today. We learned so much about permaculture from Jon and Mandy. The place is beautiful even on a cloudy winter day. If you want to learn about sustainable living, you really should go by for a tour.”

Wanda, along with her husband and good friend, scheduled their tour and spent a nice afternoon with us. We learned some fun things and we hope they did too. It was wonderful to meet fellow farmers of the area and make new friends.

Today as we reflect on our weekend, we feel grateful for this opportunity and excited for what is next. The underground stories have just begun and we can’t wait to read more. Thanks to some wonderful people for a wonderful weekend.

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