The Gingerich Family from Indiana

Celebrating the summer, we recently had the pleasure of hosting the Gingerich family. Driving from Indiana, they each got out of there car and instantly their two excited young ladies ran to the playhouse and of course the bathhouse. 😉 With 3 ladies who were not interested in camping but all about our underground “glamping” accommodations. To quote Mr. Gingerich, “my wife and daughters who don’t like to camp or I should say (glamp)Lol that they actually enjoyed it and wanted to stay” 

When they first arrived, one of the girls mentioned not liking chickens much but, I see in some of their pictures they managed to at least open the coop door. They also seemed to enjoy the hikes and our quaint waterfall. 

It is always nice to see the huts being lived in. We are so glad this wonderful family shared their experience with us. Picking  blueberries, waiting for breakfast, s’mores by the campfire and even finding some fun Halloween decorations. We are honored to host families like the Gingerich. Thank you for the pictures and the words in our guest book. 

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