So many thanks…

The first big holiday has come and gone and we could not feel more blessed. Spending time with those we love and who love us in return, all while sharing gifts from a lot of work has been the greatest gift of the year. Throughout the summer and fall, we have been collecting, harvesting and infusing so many goods from the farm. It has been 6+ months of work and joy to make holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas more than just cheap toys or gifts to wrap.

We recently harvested our sweet potatoes.

We have used some, saved most but excitingly made a family tradition, Sweet Potato Crunch, for our family at Thanksgiving.

We added some of our eggs and some homemade butter from The Farm and Fiddle. This was a great gift for ourselves and to share with family but, that was not all. We also brought our Asian Persimmons, boiled peanuts and gift baskets full of goodies. We had some homemade ricotta cheese, yogurt and fennel from The Farm and Fiddle.

One of our favorite discoveries from the veggie garden was how much we enjoyed growing peanuts. Not only are they so yummy but they are also great for the soil (any legume will bring nitrogen to the soil). And with us being from Mississippi & Louisiana, with boiled peanut stands on the sides of most roads, we had to make some.

Add some kosher salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper flakes, Cajun seasonings, 10 cups of water and 2 lbs of raw peanuts its to a crock pot and after 24 hours on low, perfection! They also made great snack bags for those we love.

If the peanuts weren’t the best thing ever, the Sweet Goldenrod & Plantain Jewelweed salves, blackberry/blueberry spiced jams and 3 pepper flakes all wrapped in a basket made us all feel comfy and joyful to use and share.

While putting all this together, we never had that tense feeling of what to get everyone. We were proud to be able to give a portion of our work to those we care most for.

One of our favorite parts of the holidays is sharing time with those we love. We have realized how important that is and we hope to make stronger efforts to continue visits, within farming limitations. Our past 3 years of starting this journey has been full of starting over, risk taking, faith in ourselves, a strong family unit, humility, learning and contentment. When we handed over our work as a gift, we saw that it all has come to this point of true joy. So today, we are thankful, we are content and we hope for joy to touch you all. Thanks for following us on this journey, this far. We have more growing and learning to do so stay with us, we hope to have a fun ride! Happy Holidays to all of you!

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