The farm is owned and operated by Jon and Mandy Giffin and we strive to grow organic fruits, vegetables and nuts in a sustainable manner. Forest Gully Farms is not your standard farm. We are an experimental mini-farm and orchard on 29 acres in the Fly community of Maury County Tennessee.  One of our main goals is to form and develop a food forest.  A grove of varying fruit trees grown alongside other beneficial plants to make an ecosystem that is self reliant and not dependent on outside fertilizers and herbicides.   You will not see any straight lines or one type of crop. We see this farm as a laboratory for alternative farming.  And with our small huts that you can stay overnight in, you can immerse yourself in this small ecosystem.   We experiment with different ways of managing the land with an ultimate goal of growing food. We are open to the public, appointment or booking only, as a different kind of you pick-em farm.  We hope to have unusual types of fruit and veggies alongside your favorites like blueberries. Please check back for a full list of available items. But we expect to have a good crop of blackberry, serviceberry (juneberry), goumi berry, blueberry, hazelnut, muscadine, persimmon, cherry and many other.


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